Rehearsal 7/17/16

Please enjoy these photos that Jeff Forbes took recently at a rehearsal.

Nov. 12-20 | SAVE THE DATES for “the last bell rings for you”—(Un)Made part 2

the last bell rings for you part 2 of Linda Austin’s dance triptych (Un)Made Nov. 12 & 13, Saturday and Sunday November 17-20, Thursday-Sunday →plus November 16 special event (see below) All performances at 8pm ADVANCE TICKETS: Collaborating with some of Portland’s most compelling performers, Linda Austin has created a large ensemble performance score to be…

March 26, 2016 Rehearsal

Thank you, Jeff Forbes, for the photos! Click on any of them to start slide show.        

First Rehearsal (Un)Made You

Photo by Danielle Ross. I’m not really sure “(Un)Made You” is the title. Anyway, I’m thanking all the dancers for first rehearsal and Danielle for the photo. The challenge is to create a score that we can pass along to a large ensemble of trained and untrained performers in a quick and pleasurable way, and that…

(Un)Made You

photo by Jeff Forbes With the support of a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council, we are happily anticipating diving into rehearsals for year 2, part 2 of (Un)Made starting in February. Most of the collaborators from the 2015 Solo Relay will join me in devising a score for a large ensemble of community…