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Un(Made) is a vehicle for the making, unmaking, transmitting, transforming and distilling of performance material (movement, tasks, objects, text and vocals) and the performative self.

Each of the three stages of (Un)Made unfolded as  both inquiry and as “artifact”. Each has involved procedures producing open-ended outcomes shared as performance with an audience. Along the way different entry points were offered to audience and makers/performers, with each phase infused with memories, methods, and materials developed in the previous iteration.

  • STAGE ONE: (Un)Made Solo Relay Series
    A pass-along solo for 8-10 performers, it ran monthly from March 2015-August 2015 at Performance Works NW
  • STAGE TWO: the last bell rings for you
    The core group was joined by community members for a large ensemble performance/  A group score was developed, shared, and practiced with a group of 18 trained and untrained performers over the course of a week before public performances in November 12-20, 2016 at Shaking the Tree Theatre.
  • STAGE THREE: a world, a world
    A dance for the core group developed in 2017. This final chapter draws on performers, materials and methods from the previous 2 stages, while also veering off into new territory: a dense and saturated mash-up of movement and text that empties out over the course of the performance, leaving behind traces that subtly infiltrate a more spacious and meditative state. Showings of excerpt at NW New Works Festival at On the Boards and Risk/Reward Festival in Portland, June 2017. Full-length in-progress version at Performance Works NW Dec. 13-17, 2017

Please join us in supporting further development of this project by making a donation to Performance Works NW!

Thank you to the Regional Arts & Culture Council & Work for Art for their support of (Un)Made: the last bell rings for you in November 2016. Thank you to Foundation for Contemporary Arts for the 2017 Merce Cunningham Award, which enabled the development of a world, a world, and to the James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation for a grant in 2019 to work on the piece again.

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