The last bell rings for you Nov. 12-20

Performance Works NorthWest presents

The last bell rings for you
—chapter 2 of (Un)Made—

Nov. 12-13, Saturday and Sunday at 8pm
Nov. 17-20, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday* at 8pm
                      * Nov. 20 Sunday’s performance is ASL-interpreted
Special Event: Nov. 16 Video Installation + Karaoke Party at Wednesday at 7pm
Shaking the Tree Warehouse
823 SE Grant St.
(corner of SE 9th & Grant)

$15 for the performance
$10 for the karaoke party
$20 for both events. or at the door

A few Arts for All Tickets available. Click HERE to send an email requesting will call tickets. 2 per Oregon Trail Card holder.

Collaborating with a group of some of Portland’s most compelling performers, Linda Austin has created a large ensemble performance score for people whose performing experience runs the gamut from zero to professional. Linda and her collaborators have invited a diverse group of 18 community participants to learn, perform, and find pleasure in a tender and richly patterned tapestry of group behaviors including singing, walking, bell-ringing, and yes, dancing. Informal rituals, texts, songs and interactions with everyday objects generate a web of transitory relationships that are both celebrated and mourned. The 18 additional citizen performers will learn the material in a series of workshop/rehearsals that begin a week before opening night!

The last bell rings for you is Chapter 2 in Linda Austin’s (Un)Made dance triptych, which began in 2015 with the (Un)Made Solo Relay Series and will culminate with an ensemble piece called world, a world in 2017.
Supported in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council and Work for Art

choreographer/director Linda Austin
composer John Berendzen
visual elements by Morgan Ritter and Linda Austin
lighting design by Jeff Forbes
stage manager Jenn Lindell

with dancer/collaborators claire barrera, Jin Camou, Nancy Ellis, Jen Hackworth, Allie Hankins, keyon gaskin, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles and Takahiro Yamamoto

and community participants Yulia Arakelyan, Happy Barnes-Light, Michael Chambers, Jeff Donaldson-Forbes, Wynde Dyer, Dora Gaskill, Maggie Heath, Robin Koch, John Light, John Niekrasz, Chelsea Petrakis, edward sharp, Emily Stone, Chloe Thompson, Curtis Walker, Fawn Williams, Tazha Williams, Ken Yoshikawa


Experience a 6-channel video installation featuring all 12 versions of Austin’s 2015 Solo Relay Series, aka (Un)Made Chapter One. Karaoke by Jesse Mejia & Chloe Thompson. Drinks, snacks, and a raffle!


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